Austinites know their rotoscoping history… Podcast Cherry Poppin, Matress that loves me back

Tonight I was surprised by 2 austinites who popped into ABQ on their way back from the Rainbow Family Gathering. Yep, hippies. And ya know what, they wanted to hear all about Duke City Shootout. And when I told them we were doing our Cine-Spirit Award this year to honor Ralph Bakshi, THEY KNEW WHO HE IS. Holy Fucking Shit, finally I didn’t have to EXPLAIN it.
Good news is that one of them is planning to move here with his wife within the year. He used to do tech support for me back in Austin, and he knows his way around a Mac.
Popped my podcast cherry tonight, too and you can hear it on Directors Cut Radio Show on 106.3 Talk FM The guys on the show are quite the young filmbuffs - and they let me expound on the finer points of DCS, which was nice. The podcast should be up on the site soonish.

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