free at last

Hey all.
Not much time, but wanted to get the word out… my mom passed on this morning. While this was sad news, it was also a huge relief because I know she no longer suffers and is free at last. It’s been such a long road for Mom, and it’s been so full of pain as of late. It’s been so hard to see her suffer and at least now, it’s over for her. She missed her 81st birthday by 2 days, and I honestly think that’s the way she would have wanted it, as she never really did like getting a year older. For her, the long journey here is over and her new one begins today, with wings, I’m sure of that.

I am in ABQ this morning, and have tried to contact many of you and let you know about this… I will be headed to Farmington today.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my family with calls, hugs, long talks, text messages, prayers, thoughts, emails, etc… I really really appreciate it. It’s been a great comfort to me to know that I am cared for by my friends, and I know that my mom appreciates it too.

Mom will be cremated and the memorial service will likely be on Feb 3rd, in Farmington. Her ashes will be kept by my sister for interment at a later date, to be determined by our family when we are ready to do that.

Again, none of this info is personal and anyone that you think would like to know that has not yet been informed, go ahead and tell them.

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