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long time no update

alright, I’ve been super terrible at updating this blog. But all should know that I’ve been updating my myspace blog and if you’re listed as a friend on that page, then you can read what’s there.

ALOT has happened this year. Some bad, some good. Overall immense changes to my life, it’s been a year of serious upheaval… and somewhere I heard that Year of the Pig was overall a great year for all. I can’t say it was the favorite year of my life, at all. But it brought me several jobs and job offers, it brought me love, it brought me new friends. It also was a year that tried my soul on many levels, and tried many friendships as well.
It brought me from the deserts of NM to the East Coast, then back to Texas and then to NM and on to the City of Angels on the West Coast. It has given me new viewpoints on places and people and the value of friends and family in my life.

It’s brought me to a sense of realization of what is important in life, or reaffirmed what I already knew. It’s been a year of lessons, and a year of change.

Thanks to all who’ve ever walked a portion of this path with me, this life. I’m blessed to have many friends.

I’m in NM at my Dad’s house presently, but I’ve started a new job in LA and I’m looking forward to continuing on with the learning process, and making new friends. And hopefully, seeing many of you. Come visit!