Wake up America

Dear Friends,

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“Wake up America, Sign up America!”
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In his speech to the Democratic National Convention, Dennis Kucinich called on America to wake up to the corruption, lies, abuses and criminal failings of the Bush Administration over the past eight years.

Now, more than ever, we need your voice to shout that wake-up call - all across this nation and into the halls of Congress by signing the petition to begin impeachment proceedings against this Administration.

If we can deliver ONE MILLION signatures to the Speaker of the House on September 10th - the day before the world changed - we can change the world. We can send a powerful message that will shake Congress from its silence which enables President Bush to continue to violate the law. We the People must demand accountability.

If you have already signed, please send this message to everyone you know and ask them to circulate this message far and wide. Sign up at http://kucinich.us - TODAY!

The power to demand accountability is in your hands. The power to restore the Constitution is in your hands. The power to change our future for the better is in your hands. Please, now, exercise that power! Sign up at http://kucinich.us

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