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Los Angeles has embraced me

Alas, I haven’t posted much… but I HAVE discovered the insanity of Twitter.  Perhaps I’ll get around to linking this page and my Tweets.  Perhaps.

Los Angeles is being good to me at last.  I guess that means to say that I’ve found the some of the twin souls out here, the ones whose hearts beat to the same drum as mine.  They were always here, but the Universe required that I let go of the relationships that were holding me back. It was a brutal Spring of 08, but I have emerged, all Phoenix-like, ready to fully hug LA back, for giving me a home, and friends, and a lifestyle that few other cities can rival.

Sure I will always miss Texas.  And someday I figure I’ll return to her, when the time is right.  But for now, LA needs me.

I’m here now. Very Here Now. :)